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Q: What are the top reasons visitors return to a web site?
A: According to Forrester Research, the top 5 reasons visitors return to a web site are:

1. High Quality Content
2. Easy to Use
3. Downloads quickly
4. Updated Frequently
5. Coupo...Full Answer

- Melody

Q: How do people find me on the web?
A: There are basically 3 ways for people to find your web site. First, you can tell them by giving them your web address on your company stationary, business cards, etc. This would also include any pri...Full Answer

- Melody

Q: I have a consulting business - why do I need a web site?
A: As a consultant, you will increase your business primarily by referrals from satisfied clients. However, there is a significant number of people who actually use the phone book and internet to search...Full Answer

- Melody



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