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Setting up email on your iPhone or iPad

1. in your iPhone dashboard, click on "Settings"

2. Under Settings, select Mail

3. Select Add Account…

4. Select Other as the type of account

5. Enter the information:

    Name: <enter your name>
    Address: <enter your full email address, like>
    Password: <enter your password>
    Description: a description of the mail account

6. Click Next

7. Click POP

8. enter the Incoming Mail Server info:

    Host Name: <your incoming mail server>
    User Name: <your full email address>
    Password: <enter the password>

9. Scroll down and enter the Outgoing Mail Server info (same as the Incoming Mail Server)

10. Click Save

11. If you see a message that says "Cannot Connect Using SSL", click Yes when asked to setup the account without SSL.

12. Set Incoming Uses SSL to OFF, set Outgoing Use SSL to OFF

13. Under Incoming settings, click Authentication and select Password

14. Under Outgoing settings, click Authentication and select Password

15. Select settings in the Advanced area for your particular usage, i.e. Delete from Server = Never, Remove = "After one week" or "Never" or whatever works for you.



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